Welcome to the Seitz Research Group!


Our research revolves around the fascinating properties of lanthanoid functional materials, especially in the area of luminescence and magnetism.



Top Lecturer Vote for Michael

May 08, 2019

Michael has received the teaching award (1st place out of approx. 800) in the Faculty of Medicine Tübingen by votes of the students for last year's course in introductory General Chemistry.


New AngewChemIntEd Paper

October 07, 2019

In cooperation with the Heinze group in Mainz, we have developed and investigated a new chromium(III) luminophore which shows excellent luminescence properties as well as favorable photoinduced electron transfer ability. Details can be read soon in Angewandte Chemie.


New ChemComm Paper

October 07, 2019

Together with colleagues from Pisa (Lorenzo di Bari et al.) and Mainz (Katja Heinze et al.), Carolin has discovered a new chromium(III)-based luminophore that is capable of inducing very high disymmetry factors glum of up to ca. 0.09 for circular polarized luminescence (CPL).


New ChemPhysChem Paper

July 16, 2019

Markus, building on and including earlier work by Christine, has published a paper in ChemPhysChem on the photophysics of N-oxide-based cryptate of Eu and Nd. The paper reports on very fundamental insights into how the luminescence transitions in trivalent lanthanoids can be modulated by appropriate ligand field effects.

DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201900673




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